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Spontaneous Orchids Itinerary in Supersano

Among the itineraries that we can offer our guests there is the one that winds through the paths that from the greenhouse of Supersano runs through a wooded area and reaches the farms.

In this itinerary you can meet different species of orchids spontaneous also because few people know that Salento preserves a wide variety of wild orchids that make those naturalistic areas that are (or are about to become) natural parks unique. They are as big as the one-inch nail, there are more than forty species (others identifying thanks to Roberto Gennaio and Francesco Chetta, Prof Piero Medagli) some very rare, as well as about fifty hybrids, and they are mainly present in the grasslands and the herbaceous clearings of the garigues and the spots and, more rarely, in woods and pinewoods or in marshy and brackish areas.
This type of orchids must search among the grass, kneel in order to grasp all their enigmatic beauty, floral structure and colors. Yes, because, as we said, the orchids of Salento are very small with flowers ranging from half a centimeter to a maximum of 3 centimeters, with a height of the plant ranging from 5 to 3 centimeters.
Among the other initiatives that can be offered to our guests in addition to pure outing among friends also the opportunity to have a guide that is part of the Salento section of G.I.R.O.S. (Italian Spontaneous Orchids Research Group) after telephone agreement.

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