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Hiking Caves Blue Salento

Among the experiences that Salento offers and that you can not do, are the excursions to the Caves of Leuca. 

Leuca Caves on the side of Ponente are:

Porcinara: in ancient times it was only one of the many places of worship, located on the Adriatic coast of Capo di Leuca, where local gods were worshiped, called by local devotees. Punta Risola and its cave for many centuries have fulfilled the function of the Messapian sanctuary, Greek and finally Latin insiem at Punta Meliso.

The Grotta del Diavolo is always located on Punta Ristola about 150 meters from the Porcinara cave and is accessible both from the sea and from the ground through an opening about 4 meters high and 2 meters wide. it was said that there were deicupous rumors that were attributed by the imagination to the devils.

The Grotto of the Crib is so named because it resembles the biblical scenario and is formed by a series of low arches that are only passed when the sea is calm.

The Grotta delle tre Porte consists of three large openings that allow a glimpse of a huge cavity. On the north wall of the cave inside there is a tunnel that ends after about 30 meters in a large room with stalactites and stalagmites. In it called the Cave of the Child, a left upper molar of a child of about 10 years was found dating back to the Neanderthal age. In the tunnel, on the other hand, remains of rhinoceros, ancient elephant and deer have been found.

The Grotta della Stalla, perhaps it was called this because once it was used by fishermen to shelter from sudden storms. The two caves that compose it are well suited to a stop and a cooling bath.

The Cave of the Giants is linked to the legend that the bodies of the giants killed by Hercules the Libyan were buried there. In fact, its name derives from the presence ° (as for other caves) of bones and teeth of pachyderms. Even if you access by sea, to visit it you have to get off the boat. recently from a small strip of reddish-brown earth were cocci biszantini, 5 bronze coins of CostantinoVII (913-919) and RomanoI (919-921) as well as fragments of human bones and a glass jar.

The Cave of the Dragon has a boca of 40 meters and is about 60 meters deep. Its name derives from the resemblance to the tsta of a dragon that can be noticed entranto with the boat on the left wall.


Leuca Caves on the slope of Levante are:

The Grotta di Teraddico is called the tent of the Indians for an unusual tringolar shape that reminds a tent. Narrow and deep inlets offer the visitor spectacular sights. worthy of a postcard.

The G route of the Seagulls is a very large cave where you can see seagull feathers lying on the rocks, it is thought that the gulls, a very numerous colony, use it to nest.

The Grotta dell Vora is a huge cave, very high and deep, which recalls the interior of a majestic cathedral. At the center a large circular hole, called VORA, is placed on the vault at 60 meters high and allows the sun to penetrate and color the walls with light and shadow effects.

The Grotta delle Mannute is an intricate complex of karstic cavities, all intercommunicating and particularly suggestive, characterized by suggestive circular openings, which open on the rocky wall at half altitude between the sea surface and the top of the rock.

The Grotta del Laghetto this Grotto has extraordinary characteristics; to visit it you have to land on some rocks and walk a short path. You will then arrive at a pond of fresh water, crystalline and icy water on the surface, a pond of spring water.

To rent boats or book an excursion we recommend the BLUE SALENTO that you find at 3335227353.

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